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QHow much does shipping cost?

POSTItalia – Consegna in 5-8 giorni lavorativiRomania – Consegna in 5-8 giorni lavorativi
Fascia di pesoCostoCosto
0-4 Kg4.90 €7.90 €


EXPRESSItalia – Consegna in 2-3 giorni lavorativiRomania – Consegna in 2-3 giorni lavorativi
Fascia di pesoCostoCosto
0-1 Kg6.90 €14.90 €
1-2 Kg6.90 €19.90 €
2-3 Kg6.90 €24.90 €
3-4 Kg6.90 €29.90 €
4-5 Kg6.90 €32.90 €


STANDARDItalia – Consegna in 2-3 giorni lavorativiRomania – Consegna in 5-6 giorni lavorativi
Fascia di pesoCostoCosto
5-10 Kg12.90 €29.00 €
10-20 Kg15.90 €44.00 €
20-30 Kg19.90 €49.00 €
30-40 Kg24.90 €55.00 €
40-50 Kg29.90 €59.00 €
50-60 Kg34.00 €69.00 €
60-70 Kg39.00 €75.00 €
70-80 Kg43.00 €79.00 €
80-90 Kg47.00 €85.00 €
90-100 Kg51.00 €95.00 €



How long will my order be sent from the warehouse?

All orders are handled by the warehouse and taken over by the couriers within 24 working hours from the order confirmation.

How many days will I receive my purchase at home?

Estimated shipping times are 24 to 48 business days. We do not have items in ready delivery but we ship on order and this allows us to have low cost and competitive prices.

Exceptions could be there for South American countries (such as Brazil, Argentina, etc.) Africa and Russia where for deliveries it might take longer times in deliveries customs clearance goods.

Shipping times are estimated times. This means that Sabexa is not responsible for delays due to force majeure. For example: technical problems, delays due to couriers handling shipping/sorting, holidays, weather conditions, etc.

How do I know where my package is??

You will be provided with a shipping number. The shipping code will be directly in your account. It will always be available under your account to be consulted.

owever, as soon as the shipping number is available, Sabexa will send you an informative email informing you that the shipping number has been registered with your account.

What happens if no one is home to accept delivery?

If you are not home to accept delivery of your order, the courier will leave you an attempted delivery notice. Keep the cutter and go to the post office indicated on the postcard that left you the courier.

We remind you that packages must be withdrawn within 10 days of the date on the attempted delivery postcard left by the post office. If the package is not withdrawn within these deadlines, it will be returned to the sender without further notice. Sabexa is not responsible if the package should be returned to warehouse for failure to pick up by the customer. If the customer decides to request the referral of the head, Sabexa will ask you for a fee for the shipment. If the customer opts for the refund, Sabexa will refund the amount minus the cost of the shipment

Sabexa ricorda che il codice track e’ molto importante non solo per seguire e monitorare la spedizione e la consegna ma anche per verificare qualora il pacco venga messo in giacenza.

If I do not receive the package in the agreed times, what should I do?

Send us an email to and make sure you specify your first/last name & order number. In the specific mail item “Order Not Received” and we will try to do our best to help you. In the rare cases where parcels are lost, you will be refunded the full amount you spend immediately or we will look for the best solution for you together.

I have to pay customs duties?

It could happen that once the package has reached its destination which is not within the European Community, it is subject to customs controls. In these cases there may be charges for clearance of the order that will be borne by the buyer. These customs expenses are calculated according to the declared value of the goods in invoice and that is why each item is managed and shipped individually even if it is part of the same purchase.



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