Exchanges and Returns

If you wish to return one or more products, you have 14 days from the date you receive your order to return the unwanted item(s) to us for a refund.
The items must be returned at the buyer’s expense to the address of origin of the goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Sabexa, except that the item is non-compliant/defective.

If possible, reuse the original packaging. Otherwise, use any other suitable box in your possession. Any items must be returned to us unused, with all labels and tags still attached. These steps are extremely important for obtain a refund.

If you’ve kept the original box, attach the return label on the shipping one. Make sure to completely cover or remove the old barcode from the packaging. 

In case the head is non-compliant/defective the expenses will be borne by Sabexa. For multiple orders Sabexa could provide one or more addresses depending on whether the items received come from the same warehouse or from different warehouses.

Sabexa will ask the customer to email photos of the leader received highlighting his/her defect/non-compliance.


Nel caso in cui il capo sia non conforme/difettoso le spese saranno a carico di Sabexa. Per ordini multipli Sabexa potrebbe fornire uno o più indirizzi a seconda se i capi ricevuti provengono dallo stesso magazzino o da magazzini differenti.

Sabexa chiederà al cliente di inviare tramite email foto del capo ricevuto mettendo in evidenza la sua difettosità/non conformità.

WARNING: “it is not of my liking”, “I do not like,”, “it has a bad smell”, “color slightly different from the photo “etc. are not evidence considered sufficient to consider a head defective/not confirmed.




Both for the return and for the change size, the item must be returned in a perfect state of storage, which includes original packaging/case and label, must not be washed, worn, no odours/scents or damaged in any way. The items must be packaged appropriately with the same package received or alternatively with a similar and compliant package for transposing it. Should it fail to comply with at least one of the points listed above Sabexa reserves the right not to accept any return/request for change size. Both for returns and for change size it takes about 60 days from the date of receipt of the order.


How do I return ?

1 – Contact our customer service at for your return

2 – Our customer service will contact you to resolve the issue as soon as possible

3-  Will be provided the return address

4- you will be contacted again by our customer service as soon as the package is received to find together the best solution

5- Normally it takes 20 to 30 days to receive your return in the warehouse where the goods come from.


If you have any question please contact



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